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Lighting Retrofit & Indoor Lighting Installation in Battle Ground, WA

Making a lighting upgrade (also known as a lighting retrofit) is more than just swapping your old light fixtures or lamps for new LED ones. A successful LED lighting retrofit is all about energy efficiency improvement and sustainable construction. Retrofitting your home or business with industrial lighting maintenance and data energy efficiency solutions means you are making a change to the original construction, adding modern technologies and components to enhance performance. In addition to LED lights, our services encompass testing, maintenance, and paging of street lighting, ensuring optimal functionality and safety in outdoor areas. Our expertise extends to mountain electrical technologies, including bell mountain electrical services and electrical technologies, guaranteeing reliable and efficient solutions for your specific needs. Upgrade your lighting systems and reap the benefits of improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced visibility in both commercial and residential settings. Contact NW Pacific now to explore the wide range of lighting retrofit options and find the perfect fit for your space in Battle Ground WA.

Advantages of Using Lighting Retrofit

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Indoor Lighting Installation

What are the Steps to Installing a Retrofit Lighting?

When you decide to install a lighting retrofit, these are some important steps to take:

  1. Choose your contractor: At NW Pacific Electric Co, LLC, you will find an experienced team of professionals capable of managing your lighting upgrade retrofit from start to finish.
  2. Make an audit: During this phase, our team analyzes your lighting requirements. This is highly essential to ensure that the final retrofit meets your goals and needs the first time.
  3. Focus on efficiency and controls: Customized lighting controls can adjust your lighting to your needs throughout the day, whether it is at your house or business. This will not just improve efficiency, but also reduce your electrical bills.
  4. Evaluate bids and choose an electrical contractor Battle Ground, Washington: At NW Pacific Electric Co, LLC, our bids are always aligned with your specific goals and needs, and we use only high-quality materials for every project.
  5. Make a complete plan: We come up with a detailed plan for all the necessary changes. This will help guide us in our work, and ensure that the project is done safely and on time.

Do you want to start your retrofit lighting project?

Contact us at NW Pacific Electric Co, LLC, and we will send one of our certified professionals for a building inspection. We will do a complete evaluation of your current installation, and ask questions to understand your needs, goals, and budget. We will present you with a plan for your lighting retrofit that will improve your energy efficiency right away.

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If used for an average of 6 hours every day, retrofit LED lights have an expected life span of 35,000 hours. That is equivalent to 16 years, and a much higher period than what you get with traditional lighting.

A lighting retrofit helps you increase energy savings, improve lighting quality, and reduce maintenance costs.