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Breaker Repair Services in Sherwood, OR

Breaker Repair Services

A circuit breaker is an integral part to the electrical supply of your home or business. It’s the 24/7 onsite electrical troubleshooter that will tell you when an electrical issue is about to surface. A working circuit breaker will not only ensure that the energy at your place is running smoothly, it will also prevent power surges and electrical-related accidents.

The energy we need in our houses or businesses has greatly evolved, especially in the past couple of years.

More than ever before, our energy usage has increased. We have more electronic devices, and we need them running simultaneously. Home workspaces are slowly becoming the new norm. We now have demanding power needs that are very different from the ones considered when our circuit breaker was installed years ago.

This makes it essential for circuit breakers to be updated and aligned with our electrical needs. A broken or malfunctioning circuit breaker can lead to sudden power breaks (which can make you lose your work, money, or time) or damaged electrical devices. An unhealthy circuit breaker means your home or business is unsafe. Get in touch with NW Pacific Electric Co, LLC for circuit breaker repair services in Sherwood, OR.

How do You Know When You Need a Circuit Breaker Replacement in Sherwood, OR?

Commonly, circuit breakers last for 30 to 40 years if maintained properly. However, if your circuit breaker is tripping more than usual or you’re experiencing more power surges than normal, it might be time to have your circuit breaker inspected. Call us at NW Pacific Electric Co, LLC, and we will troubleshoot your circuit breaker for any possible malfunctions.

Besides those two signals, other indications that you need a circuit breaker replacement are: 

Breaker Repair Services

If you’re currently experiencing any of the above

shut down the power at your home or business and call us at NW Pacific Electric Co, LLC for electrical troubleshooting. We are happy to serve residents of the Vancouver WA, Camas WA, Washougal WA, Battleground WA. or Portland OR area. If you need emergency services,

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A circuit breaker can malfunction for various reasons. Understanding the root cause of your problem helps to guarantee a successful repair the first time.

Your circuit breaker could be malfunctioning because of a power surge. Power surges can happen due to lightning or when too many extension cords are used simultaneously to connect several devices in your home or business. Another cause could be the use of an electrical device with an amperage higher than the capacity of your electrical circuit.

A short circuit can also cause your circuit breaker to malfunction, and this happens when electricity deviates from its intended path. A short circuit will result in a huge amount of current flowing through an incorrect wire, which will impact the overall resistance of your circuit. You may even see smoke coming out of your circuit breaker, or you might visibly see the burn marks on the breaker. In any case, you should immediately turn off the power at your location and contact us for emergency assistance.

Another frequent cause of a malfunctioning circuit breaker is circuit overload. Even though an occasional overload doesn’t leave lasting damage on your circuit breaker, constant pressure coming from too many connected appliances can cause your circuit breaker to malfunction in the long run.

While you can easily grab your phone and look up ‘how to replace a circuit breaker’ videos on YouTube, it is safer to leave major electricity projects —like a circuit breaker replacement or repair — to a highly-trained, certified, and experienced professional. Every year, thousands of people die as a result of electrical injuries that could have been prevented if the job was handled by a professional. Having an expert handle your electrical issues can save you time, money, and even your life.