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HVAC Wiring and DDC Installation Service in Bridal Veil, OR

We now live in a connected age. By the end of 2024, each individual is expected to own and use at least ten connected devices daily. In the near future, this will include even your building. We are now in the era of building automation with DDCs (short for Direct Digital Controls). A DDC is a living system that gives you, as the owner of the property, complete control over the electronic devices it contains.

HVAC, short for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, is an integral part of a building, and this system handles the air quality and thermal comfort at any given time. Different times of the year determine the air quality and temperature, and an HVAC system helps to ensure that your indoor space always has  conducive humidity, temperature, and purity at any given time or season. Apart from improving the comfort of your space, it also reduces costs due to better resource allocation.

The DDC system could be said to be the brain of the HVAC system because it controls how the devices on the HVAC system perform. Contact NW Pacific Electric Co, LLC for HVAC Wiring and DDC Installation Service in Bridal Veil, OR. Stay updated with the latest national electrical codes NEC requirement for installing wiring devices.

Benefits of Direct Digital Control HVAC in Bridal Veil, OR

A properly installed DDC system will increase your comfort level while decreasing energy consumption. Another important benefit is that DDC systems also help to minimize the environmental impact of a building. Even though they could be costly, the savings from installing a Direct Digital Control HVAC service will compensate in the long run.

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HVAC systems help keep your building warm or cool, giving you the power to customize it to your specific temperature needs.

HVAC systems can be separated into two categories that differ in how they distribute air in a given space. On one hand, ducted systems push air through a series of ducts to heat or cool a specific space. Commonly, you will see this type of HVAC system in a residential or commercial building. On the other hand, ductless systems, as their name indicates, have no ducts and use alternative ways to climatize your home or business. They are more common in small buildings or temporary work sites.

Contact us at NW Pacific Electric Co, LLC so we can assist you with determining which type of HVAC wiring is best for your home or business, depending on your objectives, budget, and facilities.

The thermostat is the most commonly used sensor in HVAC DDC systems. It was the first to be invented and is still a very much-used electronic temperature sensor. Over the years, many other sensors have appeared in the market.

Other types of electronic temperature sensors that are often used are resistance temperature detectors, thermocouples, silicon transmitters and integrated circuits, and infrared sensors.